Friday, August 31, 2018

A week of travelling

Recently I've met with some friends and I was able to do a hike I've wanted to do for a while. It's a great way to think while you're walking up the mountain and talk if you have some good friends to hike with. I forgot how much I loved it, just go and look at the nature and not worry about anything, no noise of the city or any sign of people. We hiked to the nearest top here the Hohneck.

      After that I had to spend couple of days in Strasbourg. It's always a pleasure to spend time there.
I don't know many French cities that have such a festive atmosphere. Strasbourg is especially beautiful before Christmas. This year I got to enjoy it in a warm weather , which was also nice because most of my memories from this city are from the winter.

Walking through the streets of Strasbourg I could not help myself but feel a little bit like I'm in Germany as it's so close to German architecture. I love the tram and the whole set up of the city. It feels beautiful but practical. I even had time for some sushi and Starbucks which is not so usual now being a mom of a three year old.

 Yes she is there :) , Statue de La Liberte, precisely in Colmar as the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi was a Colmar native. I snapped the picture just quickly as we drove by on the way to Strasbourg.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The move

Our moving took place in spring and I realized I haven't blogged much about it. Since it's been so stressful I've kind of forgotten about it already. As my mind tends to remember mostly pleasant things ;) . In the end it was all worth it though and I would not change it for anything now. The new house is much better more light and airy, big windows are the key, also the garden and outside space suits us much better. I've been enjoying doing some gardening in the spring and I really fell in love with it and all the flowers and possibilities. I never knew I loved landscape gardening so much.

Ther's no doubt dogs can sense which room in the house is the best to sleep in.
They always manage to find the best spot, you just need to follow them and trust their senses ;) .

Slovak Adventure

After our trip to Sardinia, I spent some time with Alex in Slovakia visiting more family and enjoying more great food :) .

This summer has been good to us and we even kind of avoided the heatwave. We tasted the best icecream in Kosice and went for a ride on the little train around the city.

My old painting still  hanging in the AIDA icecream shop there. It reminds me of my childhood.

Kosice by night, there's a certain atmosphere here that always feels good. It reminds me of my childhood and the hot summer nights feel so good.

Summer through my iphone

Hello my friends,

I know it took me a long time to get back to the blog, my life has just been crazy with all the moving and building the new house. Nevertheles I'm back and I'm so happy that the moving is over. It's not easy to move in the first place and with a toddler that's another stressful part but all went well and the last winter the house was finally finished and in the spring we moved in. Still in the same town though so not that much has actually changed for us. Alex still goes to the same preschool and I still work only my office location has changed.

In one week Alex will be starting an Ecole Maternelle which is a French version of a Preschool but actually they do take it much more serioussly in France and make it more like the real school. It is even in the same building as the primary school in fact.

Now I want to share with you some pictures from this year and from my holidays in the summer. I think you might guess the location...

We flew to Sardinia this year, just south of Corsica this pretty island was very new to us. Costa Smeralda and a town of St Teresa was something new to see. I was glad to spend some quality time with my family and really enjoyed the beautiful warm sea and the amazing Italian food. I could go on about the food as you can imagine, everything from pastries for breakfast to pasta and pizza and vegetables made in every possible way.

Where did you spend you holidays? Did you get hit by the heatwave?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Last month through my phone/ Autumnal bliss

 The end of fall is almost here. I know I haven't written here in a while, but that's only because I've been enjoying this season so much! I have especially enjoyed this year's autumn and tried not to leave out anything from the to do list. Afternoon walks in the forest, reading a book on the bench outside, watching sunsets wrapped in a blanket, collecting dead leaves and chestnuts and making art with my baby (well he's not a baby anymore but for me he is :) , taking pictures of the fall foliage, walks with my dog Micho, baking cookies,getting in touch with friends more... This autumn has fullfilled all my expectations.

 One thing I was looking forward to this fall, was also spending more time around animals. Seeing the horses more often and feeding them and getting close to all kinds of animals that are living around here. I even thought about adopting a cat. We'll see in the future.

 The trees have turned red here so quickly and in two or three days the leaves will be gone.
I've been enjoying take away coffee lately, autumn is my favorite season to have a warm drink in the hand while walking.

Also I've been missing a big city lately, craving that fast big city life, so a trip to Nancy tomorrow should satisfy that urge. I am getting used to the small town though, it has plenty of charms. People are nicer, kinder it seems and the life isn't rushed, it doesn't feel so fast. Also the people that serve you coffee/food for example care more in small towns it seems. There is time for an eye contact and a little conversation with a shop assistant or a cashier, while in the big city nobody cares to talk to a stranger and slow the things down. That small town charm is deffinitely getting to me. :)

 Shirt - Pimkie
Jacket -Gap
Jeans- G Star Raw

Baby Hat- Zara Kids
Baby Shirt and Vest - Sergent Major